Mother’s Day Gifts

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Are you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea… something a little bit special and unique for the very special lady in your life? Why not treat them (or yourself!) to some all-natural luxury, something that they can snuggle and relax into, something that will last well beyond Mother’s Day and that they can enjoy for years to come. 

We have the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas for eco-conscious Mum’s who are not impressed by synthetics and throw-away fashions.  If you are looking for some extra brownie points this Mother’s Day, why not choose a beautifully designed piece of luxury home décor from Huxford Grove.  Each piece has been handcrafted using all-natural materials, making it unique and one of a kind. Just like your Mum!


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Our 100% natural sheepskin cushions would make a perfect gift this Mother’s Day…  

You haven’t experienced pure natural luxury until you’ve rested your head on a Huxford Grove sheepskin cushion. We use only the finest, ethically sourced wool to handcraft the softest, most cloud like cushions you’ll find. Backed with linen and filled with down, you’ll find no nasty synthetics in our luxury cushions. Perfect for Mum!

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Choose the perfect snuggle together 100% Merino Wool Throw which is big enough to share…

Wrap Mum in the softest pure Merino Wool Throw so she can relax on her special day in complete comfort and style. We use only the finest quality, ethically sourced wool creating the softest natural touch. Choose between two stylish designs in soft beige or cool grey.

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Show Mum just how much you love her with an exquisitely luxurious natural sheepskin beanbag…

Allow Mum to fall into the comfort of our beautifully designed, giant sheepskin bean bag chair. Pre-filled with beans, our bean bags are perfect to jump in with Mum for a soft and comfy hug. Handcrafted from 7 sheepskins, we lovingly refer to The Byron Bean Bag as our giant furry friend! Choose between three stunning colours, perfect for all home styles and colour stories.  Remember that this gift is for Mum though, so let her enjoy it in peace every once in a while!

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Still not sure what to get for Mum and looking for some inspiration? Get in touch with our team of style advisors who are here; ready and waiting to help!