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All-natural sustainable home decor


We take an ethical and sustainable approach to designing and crafting our products which adds to the natural beauty and uniqueness of each piece while working to retain the natural beauty of our environment... Read more


For us, sustainability comes before design, and we take many steps to ensure that our products are as kind and gentle to the environment as possible. We only use ethically sourced natural materials, but we also do a little more than that... Read more


Huxford Grove is not about fast-fashion, we are about style that lasts and feels good for a long time. We ensure that all of our pieces are made to the highest quality standards and will last the test of time, while staying beautiful in your home... Read more

Behind the brand

Born from a love of minimalist design, luxury living and well-curated spaces, Huxford Grove is synonymous with natural beauty and thoughtful design. We see the beauty in nature. We are dreamers inspired to re-imagine. We are designers and makers with a passion for superbly crafted pieces. We have a vision to turn your home into your style and comfort haven. This is our story...

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We believe good design should be led by life. That’s why every piece we make complements a well-thought-out living space and is perfect for those grounding moments of relaxation. Explore... Read More