Designed in Australia, handcrafted by Artisans around the World

Discover our range of beautifully designed home décor crafted by hand in limited numbers from only the finest, ethically sourced natural materials. Add comfort and style to your home with a unique piece of pure natural luxury...

Ottoman Jamiesonottoman Cream 60 50 Home Ps Whitecurtain (2)

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A stunning natural statement...

Huxford Grove Sheepskin Cushions

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The softest touch & comfort...

Sheepskin Holbrooksheepskin Cream Home 2livingroom Drapedovercouch

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A classic reimagined...

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Elegant style & soft snuggles...

Huxford Grove Sheepskin Bean Bags

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Lounge in absolute luxury...

Huxford Grove Sheepskin Rug

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Pure softness for your toes...

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Ethical Design is Feel Good Design

You want to be comfortable with the look and feel of everything in your home. You also want to be comfortable with the way that it’s made. We work hard to deliver both… we call this ‘Feel good design’. Learn more  ↠ 

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Pure Comfort

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Eco Friendly

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Stain & Odour Resistant

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Lasting Appeal

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Temperature Control

Shopico Hypoallergenic



Interior Inspiration

Pull up a bean bag, relax, and enjoy our journal packed with interior inspiration, styling tips, what’s hot in home decor and so much more…

Luxury home décor designed for living

We believe good design should be led by life. That’s why every piece we make complements a well-thought-out living space and is perfect for those grounding moments of relaxation. Explore our range of beautiful home décor made from only the finest natural fibres, or become acquainted and read our story.

Discover a whole new world of design led, all-natural luxury home décor

With people spending more time at home these days, our homes really are our havens. At Huxford Grove, we create Australian luxury home décor that is designed for living and to add comfort and style to your home. Our range of designer home décor has been handcrafted by Artisans or woven by specialists to the highest quality that’s made to last – you’ll find no throw-away fashion items here!

By sourcing only the finest, premium natural materials and fibres to craft our pieces, our designer home décor encompasses all of the natural beauty and benefits of its original form. From premium New Zealand and Australian sheepskin, 100% Merino Wool sourced from Lithuania to the finest French linen, if you’re looking for an ethical, sustainable style for your home you’ve come to the right place.

A unique approach to designer home décor

Our luxury home products are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the materials we use to craft them. This means that each piece is slightly unique, enabling you to create your own individual style in your home. The soft, neutral colour palette we use in our home décor range, along with our minimalist style will complement any interior and add interest with the softest, most comfortable textures. You, your family and your friends will want to dive into the comfort of your designer home accessories from Huxford Grove – right after complimenting their beauty.

Feel-good design with sustainable home decor accessories

You want to be comfortable with the look and feel of everything in your home. You also want to be comfortable with how it’s made. At Huxford Grove, we work hard to deliver both. We take an ethical and sustainable approach to designing and crafting our products which only adds to their natural beauty and uniqueness. We like to call this “Feel Good Design” 

Complete transparency in high-end home décor

‘Ethics’ is our number one brand ethos; we live, eat and sleep by it. This is why we offer complete transparency to our customers. From our design process, materials sourcing, crafting and manufacturing to our exceptional customer care, we conduct our business ethically… always! We want you to make an informed decision when buying our products, and we want you to be comfortable that with your purchase you will be adhering to your own ethical standards. If you can’t find any of the information that you require on our website, just reach out to our friendly and informed team who’ll fill in any gaps. Like we said, we design “feel good” home décor to make you and your home, well, feel good!

Luxury home décor led by design

Our talented designers have combined their passion for design with a love of nature. When designing our collections, we like to incorporate minimalist, versatile style with a playful edge and overall elegance. Sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? However, by doing so we are able to create unique pieces that will work in any home, no matter your design style preference, all while evoking a sense of fun and comfort for the whole family. No piece speaks more loudly to this than our fun and furry giant sheepskin bean bag The Byron.

High end luxury home décor that’s made to last

The absolute quality of our home décor speaks for itself; our quality control is impeccable and we are just a little pedantic about it! By using only the finest materials and working with only the best, most experienced specialists and artisans, we ensure to create high-end home décor that really does last the test of time (and the test of a busy family home).

“But how do we create beautiful contemporary home décor that you won’t want to change with the next big home design trend?” we hear you ask! We work with the natural beauty and qualities of the materials that we use, and keep the design simple and subtle to let that beauty speak for itself. The beauty of nature is timeless!


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