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Pull up a bean bag, relax, and enjoy our journal packed with interior inspiration, styling tips, what's hot in home decor and so much more...
Product Intel
When we set out to become the home of comfort, we knew we wanted to offer Australian customers luxurious natural fibre homewares and furniture. Not only will a natural product, bring warmth and sophistication to interiors, a product made out of sheepskin, genuine leather, wool or linen, have been known to keep families comfortable, safe […]
Style Tips
Whether you’ve considered it or not, you’re surrounded by design every single day. From the car you drive, to the bed you sleep in and the school shoes your children wear, the products you use have all been designed by someone, for you. There is a stark difference between good design and bad design and […]
Style Tips
So, you may have noticed our exceptional range of luxury design-led home decor (great start!), and you may have snagged yourself a super soft Huxford Grove premium sheepskin product (good for you!), and now you’re asking yourself how best to style your new find? Sheepskin has been around for a very, very, very long time […]
Home Inspo
How is it Christmas already!?!? Well, if you’re anything like me you’d have had the tree up and the house adorned with your best decoration early this year. I think we’re all ready for a bit of Christmas cheer, family time and to draw a close to a crazy year! You may not automatically think […]
Home Inspo, Style Tips
Are you looking to re-decorate your home? The first thing first, you need to figure out what style you want to go with. Forget about trends; they can come and go, this is your home, what style do you believe would suit you, your tastes, and lifestyle? Choose a style that is timeless and that […]
Style Tips
When designing, every room should be considered essential in creating a practical, comfortable and stylish home. But, when it comes the guest bedroom (if we like to admit it or not), it’s often on the lower end of our priority list and can be overlooked in comfort, warmth and style. So, before your next guests […]
Home Inspo
Are your living spaces in dire need of an update, but you have no idea how your home interior should look like? All you know is what it’s meant to be like; clutter-free, relaxing, uncomplicated, stylish and homey. Designing a space to suit our lifestyles and taste, can be overwhelming even at the best of […]
Product Intel
The humble bean bag is one of those objects that does its job without begging for attention. It’s about fun and comfort more than design and luxury, right? Not in our books! Here at Huxford Grove, we set out to design a bean bag that could do all of those things, but we wanted to […]
When Huxford Grove set out to become the home of comfort, we knew we had a big task ahead of us. It’s one thing to create comfortable products for the home, and it’s another thing to become the first thing Australians think of when they imagine what it feels like to be comfortable. Why did […]
Product Intel
Here at Huxford Grove, we’re huge fans of the bean bag. From its history to its benefits, there are so many special things about this unique piece of furniture that we adore. As advocates of the bean bag, we think everyone in the world can benefit from owning one. But, we also believe it’s important […]
Home Inspo
It’s no secret Australians love open plan living and large spaces and despite the concept being around for decades, we are – in fact – loving it more than ever. According to Australian homes have more than doubled in size over the past 60 or so years, from an average 100 square metres to […]
You’ve got style, you know what’s trending, your family home is welcoming and your friends always comment on your beautiful space. The only thing is, you aren’t quite sure if you’re doing it right. And hey! That isn’t a bad thing; you’ve done great so far. But maybe you feel like it’s time to take […]
Product Intel
Wool has been used by humans since the dawn of time. It’s cosy, charming, and running your fingers through the textures can feel like you’re floating in a cloud. As wool ages, it changes a little bit – just like us. Every Huxford Grove product is hand-made and unique but there are similar changes over […]

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