How wool ages, naturally.

Hg How Wool Ages Naturally

Wool has been used by humans since the dawn of time. It’s cosy, charming, and running your fingers through the textures can feel like you’re floating in a cloud. As wool ages, it changes a little bit – just like us. Every Huxford Grove product is hand-made and unique but there are similar changes over time as it settles into your home.

Wool is delightfully soft because it’s so delicate (it ranges from 14.5 to 23.5 microns, while a human hair is 30 microns thick!) and is three times softer than silk.

Remember what we said about feeling like you’re inside a cloud? Well, now picture resting your head on a super soft cushion where the woollen fibres have been gently fluffed. As you snuggle up to you cushion over time, you will notice that the long wool fibres might feel less bouncy.

This is because the long wool fibres will slowly revert back to their natural curly state, much like a coiled spring (no wonder grazing sheep always look like a little ball of tightly wrapped yarn!)

Luckily, long wool is also naturally elastic, and all it needs is a good brushing with the Huxford Grove wire wool brush, and voila! Your long wool products will look almost new again. This will restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibres.

You may notice that over time the wool’s colour may change a bit, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. Overtime, for example, your pearl cushion may age to cream, to a soft yellow, as the natural lanolin oils in the wool come to the surface. This change in hue is completely expected because wool and sheepskin are natural products, so they don’t have the degree of colour fastness of some synthetic products.

Snuggly scent
Now here’s a trick question: does wool smell? The short answer is no.

If your product is 100% Merino wool, it naturally contains antibacterial properties that eliminate the build-up of offensive whiffs. Still, this means it won’t emit odours but doesn’t mean it’s immune to being attacked by the occasional smell of frying-garlic or tropical frangipani!

It’s advised to air it now and again to make sure it remains fresh.

Aging is a process every natural thing goes throw. You will age, we will age, and at some point, so will your wool, but fear not: it’s one of the most versatile fibres in the world and synthetics simply cannot match the qualities of natural fibres. We can guarantee this because here at Huxford Grove, the technical characteristics of wool are our everyday language. We know that if they are cared for properly and used as the products were intended, they will last a lifetime.

They will age gracefully!

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